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The most popular house designs

What kind of houses the Poles want the most?

What were the most popular trends in house design in 2015? What was the most interesting for the customers and what turned to be out of fashion? There is a list of the most popular architectural solutions in 2015.


Single storey house plans- last year's hit.

The Poles strongly prefer single storey house plans. Double storey house plans are becoming out of fashion, although in the case of luxury projects we can meet the solution of replacement the second floor through the mezzanine.



If not the double storey house plans then what?

As we mentioned above, the Poles often decide on the mezzanine in the apartment, another option, which replaces the second floor is an adaptation of the attic for residential purposes. Quite popular are also landing houses.


Elements made of wood will add charm to the house.


In the last year customers really enjoyed wooden elements that are part of the decorative facades. There were solutions, which proposed the finishing the facade of the attic in wood. Fashionable was also the entablature of the roof which is visible and accented.