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Smart buildings

Smart buildings– the solution to all of problems?


Smart house is nothing more that a management system of all installations inside the building. It allows to control every element in house in the same time. It is possible thanks to the systems of sensors and controllers installed in the building.


On the one hand, systems like this enable their holders to remotely control over the house. On the other hand, they are designed to optimally adapt the interior to the needs of the people in it.


As part of the management system in smart house integrated are:


  • Monitoring and alarm system.

  • Fire protection system.

  • Heating.

  • Lighting.

  • A system that allows users to simulate the presence in the house, while physically the house is empty.

  • Weather system- with external sensors adjust the interior of the house to the weather conditions. This system closes the window in case of rain or raises the temperature of air in case of frost.

  • Access control system- is used especially in buildings of companies, where employees can enter the building only having the appropriate pass.

  • Personalization system- the system can be appropriately programmed, then we have to fed into the database all data contain information about the preferences of a person staying in the building. The system can help yourself to learn about the preferences of individual residents of the house and then play them back by adapting the room to the needs of individuals.