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Building Materials

In this section we do not want to speak of traditional materials, which are probably familiar to everyone who has any contact with the industry. Here we will present new trends in the construction industry and also the modern materials that are used.


Aerogel- a material used for thermal insulation of buildings. It is especially suitable in places where it is not possible to increase the heat insulating layer. Aerogel consists in over 90% of the air, the remainder part is silica. This is one of the lightest and most durable materials. Its density is similar to the density of air. This material is non- conductive and as a result is an excellent heat insulating material. Furthermore, it melts at 1200ºC (this is the same temperature as in case of silica), which makes it does not constitute a fire hazard.



Vacuum insulated panels– also used in thermal insulation. The principle of their functioning is based on vacuum insulation properties. Vacuum insulated panels have structure similar to the thermos. Inside of this panels there are many elements which maintain a vacuum inside. From the outside, vacuum insulated panels are equipped with means for preventing air from entering the vacuum. Their construction and features make that they are much more efficient than styrofoam or wool insulation.